It's easier than ever to improve your game.

Step 1

Simply record your swing from the front and the side on your phone, then upload using our easy-to-use uploader.

Step 2

Our pool of experts will use their years of experience and teaching to give their feedback on your swing. We'll let you know as soon as it's done.

Step 3

Use the feedback and drills to improve your swing and see your scores drop!

Example Expert Golf Swing Analysis


Bringing golf lessons to you, our Experts analyse videos of your golf swing.

You'll receive a full analysis and in-depth review, helping improve your whole game, hit more fairways and hole more putts.

Better Movement, Connection and Confidence

Expert instruction on your movement, swing path, club face and more will have you hitting the ball more consistently in no time. Our experts focus on these factors of your golf swing:

  • Grip
  • Set Up
  • Takeaway & Back Swing
  • Transition to Downswing
  • Club Face and Path
  • Follow Through

The Best Drills from the Pros

Our Experts provide drills tailored to your swing to get you hitting the ball with ease.

Whether you're just getting started or are a seasoned veteran, there's a drill and practice plan for you. Unlike the sites with hundreds of generic videos, you only get what will help your golf swing.


Take the Gains to the Course

Take the practice from home onto the course, having gained Expert advice on your own swing.

Our Experts can provide on-the-course advice to help you take your gains from the driving range to when it really matters. Put both together are you'll be playing better than ever.

  • Course Management
  • Putting
  • Club Selection

The golf professionals are ready to analyse your golf swing

Philip Newnes

Philip is the Head Teaching Professional at Chilli Dip Golf Academy with over 20 years coaching experience.

His coaching philosophy focuses on the needs of each golfer as an individual and helping them to reach their full potential.

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Mark McGeehan

Mark is a PGA UK top 50 Performance coach, using proven and studies methods over two decades that work and get the results that you want fast.

Mark has worked with all levels of golfers coaching complete beginners through to the elite player coaching Professionals to winning titles.

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Clare Brown

Clare is a passionate golf professional with over a decade of experience coaching golf at all levels. Clare has played and coached extensively in both the UK and Asia. She has learnt and developed as a coach through continued studies and from working with some of the best coaches in the world.

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John Cheetham

With over 15 years coaching experience with golfers of all ages & abilities John has a true passion for coaching. John believes there is no perfect way to swing the club & works with each golfer individually to unlock their true potential.

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Why Swing Expert?

For Every Golfer

No matter your skill, everyone can improve using the Swing Expert service. Building from the basics up to fine tuning, everyone stands to gain.

Quick & Easy

We aim to have your analysis with you within 48 hours, giving you more time to hone your golf swing.

Everyone, everywhere

No matter where you are or where you play, our team of Professionals will analyse your swing. From San Fransisco to Dubai, we'd love to help you play better golf.


  • Upload 2 videos of your swing for analysis.
  • Professional feedback on videos of your swing.
  • We aim for 48 hour delivery.
  • Access your analysis any time, anywhere.

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